Activities in Non-formal Settings

Extracurricular activities – such as fairs, workshops, contests, conferences and outreach activities- extend the learning process beyond the classroom and constitute a distinct intervention feature of Paraguay Educa.

Organizing extracurricular activities in non-formal environments has made relationships with parents and other member of the educational community stronger, and facilitates involvement of various private sector sponsors in extramural activities.

Activities include:

Astronomy Workshops

This initiative seeks to awaken an interest for research and observation in children, so that they may appreciate the importance of astronomy in science development and link this knowledge to daily life.

Educational Robotics

Educational Robotics provides a space where knowledge is built through play. Children develop critical thinking skills by integrating several subjects: programing, math, and mechanics, among others. The main motivation is the design and building of their own creations and seeking solutions by using technology.

Vacation Camps

The vacation camps incorporate the use of ICT and provide a place for play and creativity, where academic content and abilities are also developed. Recreational group activities involving collaboration and socialization are encouraged.

Financial Literacy and Inclusion

The workshops on financial literacy and inclusion seek to develop financial abilities to improve the quality of life of citizens by introducing basic competences that are necessary for making daily financial decisions.


EduJuegos were designed based on the highly positive results that were obtained from the implementation of the OLPC Program.

Its purpose is to provide children of employees of companies that support the program with a transformative learning experience by accessing knowledge on technological tools that develop math logic through the Sugar pedagogical platform and its programming activities.