Fab Lab Paraguay Educa

About the Program

At the end of 2018 we inaugurated the FAB LAB Paraguay Educa, the first mobile digital manufacturing laboratory in the country. Its mobility component allows us to travel the country to democratize access to its tools, supplies and experiences and to make its users go from being consumers of technology to taking on the role of designers of their own ideas, products and solutions.


Laser cutter: Use a laser beam to cut and/or engrave on a wide variety of materials.
CNC milling machine: It allows cutting or engraving any type of material making precise cuts handled by computer.
3D FDM printer: Its purpose is to bring any 3D model to a real object, using biodegradable plastic.
3D scanner: It allows you to scan any real-life object to take it to a 3D model, editable on the computer.

In addition, we have high-end computers, Arduino kits and welding and carpentry tools.