Kuña TIC

About the Program

Empower girls and women, through workshops and tutorials, to develop technological skills necessary to compete in the global technology market.
There is a significant gap in the involvement of girls and women in activities related to STEM areas (the acronym in Spanish: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Nowadays, developing technological competences is essential so that they can develop successfully in various facets of their daily lives, understanding that new technologies generate opportunities for access to new jobs, initiatives of interactive learning and new knowledge and information to empower and improve their lives.


Call / Participatory Diagnosis: a comprehensive and inclusive call is made to the girls and women of the community, both in urban and rural areas.
Promotion of Computational Thinking / Digital Fluency: through workshops and talks that develop soft and technological skills.
Project development: They will develop projects that solve problems or situations in their community or reality.
Final Seminar: event with talks and presentation of projects.