Serranía Technological Center

About the Program

The Centro Tecnológico Serranía (CTS) is financed by Samsung and, since February of 2014, offers free classes, workshops and events to students, teachers and families from the Caacupé district and surrounding areas, to contribute to their digital inclusion and community development.

The CTS promotes the process of digital inclusion in the Paraguay by providing tools and training in new technologies. It contributes to developing digital citizenship and improving quality of life in the entire community. The CTS is not a typical technology center; it is deeply rooted in the community. Caacupé residents go there not only to learn the valuable digital technology necessary for the 21st century but also to work together to benefit their community using the new skills they acquire. All classes at the CTS are focused on local social or education issues, their main axis being change, action and empowerment of participants and the community. The ideas and the solutions arise in the class discussions, where participants become involved in their own learning in active, creative and innovative ways.

Since February 2014, more than 2,600 people have participated in courses, events and trainings at the CTS. In 2015, a total of 77 courses were offered and 5 community events were held in alliance with universities, local businesses, and the public sector to improve services for the community.

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